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"The World and Everything In It's"
Producer Christina Darnell's,
2013 Veterans Day Interview at Richard's.

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"To ensure the memory of, and support to, those who serve through Welcome Home Veterans Living Military Museum at Richard's Coffee Shop".


THURSDAY: Vets Free Coffee / SATURDAY: Blue Grass

Richard Warren - Mustang 53 - Founder
Our Story:
What started out... as a little shop named Pat's Gourmet Coffee Shop, named in honor of his wife, became much more. It became a "Living" Military Museum, named in honor of the man who spent the last 14 years of his life honoring and supporting America's Veterans. It was owned and operated by Richard Warren, a U.S. Army, Vietnam Huey gunship pilot, callsign "Mustang 53".

With his background Richard made a point of extending the traditional veterans greeting of "Welcome Home" to every veteran who came in the shop. Over time, Pat's became a gathering place for veterans of all ages and a collection of artifacts, awards, magazine and newspaper articles slowly accumulated.   more >>>

Want to make a consistant donation to keep this great museum/coffee shop going? Do it as a Veteran in support of our mission, do it in honor to a family member, friend or fallen comrade...
 2014 - LCD Screen Ad Package - $60/month

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5K Camo Run

U.S. Navy's "Casey Elliott"

U.S. Army's "Angie Johnson" signs Adele

U.S. Navy's "Jersey Boys"

We all enjoyed Rockie Lynne's "Tribute to the Troops" Bike Ride to honor those who have fallen in service to this great country.

WOW... one of the best, if not the best 5 minute statement, we have heard in a very long time.
Since this discussion is about our enemies, and is neither political nor religious in it's intent, we are sharing it here. [click on photo]

John Beyerle, U.S. Air Force Pilot.

John Beyerle, Board member, retired U.S. Air Force pilot, talks about his career! [click on photo]

John Hedley, President, Welcome Home Veterans Military Museum, U.S. Army Lt.Col. (ret),
"Our Fearless Leader" talks about his career and Richard's Coffee Shop.
[click on photo]

Jim Wesson, remembering his dad, a WWII Veteran. [click on photo]

The gang at Hendricks Luxury Auto Mall, Huntersville, NC, June 19.

Hero: World War II Aviator Bill Overstreet Jr., best known for flying beneath the Eiffel Tower in pursuit of a German plane, is pictured in his military days.

In the spring of 1944 Bill and his P-51C Mustang, the 'Berlin Express' were near Paris when the scene that is immortalized in the artwork by Len Krenzler of Action Art took place.

Bill had followed a German Bf109 fighter from the bombers he was escorting when most of the German fighters left. The two planes had been in a running dogfight. The German pilot flew over Paris hoping that the heavy German anti-aircraft artillery would solve his problem and eliminate Overstreet and the 'Berlin Express', though Bill managed to get some hits in at about 1500 feet. The German's engine was hit, and Bill stayed on his tail braving the intense enemy flak. His desperation undoubtedly growing, the German pilot aimed his plane at the Eiffel Tower and in a surprising maneuver, flew beneath it. Undeterred, Bill followed right behind him, scoring several more hits in the process.

The German plane crashed and Bill escaped the heavy flak around Paris by flying low and full throttle over the river until he had cleared the cities heavy anti-aircraft batteries.

Welcome Home Veterans' Marketing/Media Director, David Parkins, attended the March Carolinas Student Travel Connection meeting along with the Mooresville Attractions Group. The March meeting provided entertainment and education all in a fun thrilled 1-1/2 hour meeting. Where else would snakes, tigers and kangaroos find a welcomed spot on a business agenda let alone on a boardroom table?

Thursday mornings at the Coffee Shop!

Military Flash Mob -- Now that's class!
"Soldier Down, Kickstands Up" - Patriot Guard Riders Documentary
The World and Everything In It's Producer Christina Darnell,
Veterans Day 2013 Audio Interview at Richard's.

2013 Purple Heart Homes Annual Stakeholders Meeting was hosted at
Welcome Home Veterans Military Museum at Richard's Coffee Shop.
 Video about us - John Hedley / Video about us - Lonnie Long

Brothers in Arms - CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) w/Molly Grantham

Honor and Remember Flag Presented (Blue/Gold Star Families)
Jane Conversano, Conder Flag Company, presenting the new flag at Richard's Coffee Shop.

The Story of America's Female Patriots
I just found out about your Coffee Shop/Museum and my husband and I (both USAF members) plan on visiting when we are up that way visiting our dear friends who live near there. Incidentally, the friends that live up there are both USAR veterans - Randy is a West Point grad and Linda, well, Linda has quite a story - she'll be featured in a Ron Howard documentary on women veterans this year: http://www.unsungheroespresentation.com/

Old Guard - Arlington National Cemetery
The Third U.S. Army Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard".
To honor the fallen, they stand their post - even during hurricanes!

Arlington National Cemetery

USSVI Tribute to Richard Warren.
OUTSTANDING! - Welcome Home